Chrysanthemum Flowers


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Chrysanthemum symbolises autumn and a long life, as well as happiness and joy whatever the circumstances may be. The dried flowers have a refreshing and thirst-quenching effect, which is why they are a popular summer drink. Served in a glass jug, the flowers are particularly pretty. They may also be used to garnish salads or even sandwiches.

The taste of chrysanthemum is sharp, sweet and slightly bitter at the same time. It posesses a cooling energy that disperses heat and clears the liver. It also has a special affinity towards the eyes and the still wet flowers that have been used to brew the tea can be placed on the closed eyelids (make sure they have fully cooled off) as a soothing treatment for tired and sore eyes (up to 20 minutes at a time).

Preparation: in order to prepare a refreshing summer drink, poor freshly boiled water over some chrysanthemum flowers, cover with a lid and let them sit for five to 10 minutes. The flowers may be used up to three times. Mixed with green tea, chrysanthemum flowers make for a lovely vitalising all year round.

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