Chinese Angelica Root (slices)


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Chinese Angelica, known as „dan gui“ in Chinese, takes a special place both in oriental as well as western traditions. It is said that the plant has the power to control spirits and deamons, and that it can attract good luck and help overcome misfortunes. It has a strong affinity towards the female organs and acts as a powerful tonic that moves and harmonises the blood. It disperses coldness, moisturizes the colon and the skin and is regarded as a well-balanced yin-tonic. moreover, it represets uniqueness and the spirit of the angelica plant can help people recognise their true selves.

Preparation: boil 3-15 grams in water for about 20 minutes. The roots may well be used a second time and can even be eaten as a garnish.

Directions: to be taken for at least one week and up to 40 days. Drink a small cup thrice daily, preferably after a meal. If you suffer from diarrhea, do not consume angelica.

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