Cooling Herbal Pillow



This small herbal pillow is filled with the dried flowers of Chrysanthemum, the pleasant and soothing aroma of which and can provide relief for inflamed eyes, headaches and internal heat. Such a herbal pillow can be used to support the effect of „Elixir No 2 – the cool goddess“, and make the summer heat more bearable. Also goes well with „Elixir No 3, the perfume Elixir“. You may keep the pillow with you in bed or carry it with you. Feeling its texture may help diffuse inner tension and nervousness. Its flowery scent may stimulate the senses and help overcome writer’s block.
As usual with a natural product, its mode of action is unique and not all people like the flowery fragrance of chrysanthemum. Trust your feeling whether it is suitable for you.
The cooling pillow measures approximately 10 cm x 16 cm.