No 5 – Supple Bamboo

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Bamboo is supple and smooth and reacts to adverse winds with flexibility rather than rigidity and can thus grow tall without breaking. Blockades show in many women in the second half of their cycle. This Elixir helps you to direct your inner strength and hence keep a cool head in the face of adversity, remain flexible and act strategically.

Preparation: The tea is boiled for 30 minutes with a few slices of fresh ginger. Finally, two bags of peppermint tea (ideally, a bunch of fresh mint) are added and the brew is brought to the boil and left for a few moments.

Directions: Application should start about 10 days before the beginning of the menstrual cycle and is continued for 12 days. Repeat the following month. Take for about two weeks.

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1 week, 2 weeks

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